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Social Media Management

Social Media Management With the rising importance of Social Media your presence is critical for the success of your brand. However, managing a variety of different accounts is time consuming, has a steep learning curve and requires a significant amount of your involvement. Allow me to assist you with your […]

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Hip Hop Infinite

Hip Hop Infinite connects Hip Hop music to the listener and delivers an audience to the artist. Built on over 10 years of refinement and tenacity, our unique agency offers its clients almost every conceivable service available in the creative industry. We are a worldwide organization, designed to provide support […]

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Install Docker-CE on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 (should be the same for most current versions)

Install Docker-CE on Ubuntu Linux 18.04 # Update the apt package list. sudo apt-get update -y # Install Docker’s package dependencies. sudo apt-get install -y \ apt-transport-https \ ca-certificates \ curl \ software-properties-common # Download and add Docker’s official public PGP key. curl -fsSL | sudo apt-key add – […]

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My Portfolio – Video Logo Reveals

Check out this playlist I put together on YouTube which includes some of my work doing video logo reveals. Please get in touch if you’d like to work on something together or if you’d like to hire me for your project. CheersBeatsmiff

OptiMystic - Salty Waterz (2018)

OptiMystic – Salty Waterz (2018)

Salty Waterz begins with a very creative skit by OptiMystic that I produced the music for (most of the direction came from OptiMystic on this one, he likes to push the creative boundaries more than I do). There is an introductory rap verse from OptiMystic that is a clever play […]

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Mad Fap Entertainment Online Store Performance Report

Hi, this is a Work In Progress (WIP) for the latest project I am working on. My client is a friends record label called Mad Fap Entertainment. It is a bit more than a typical record label, it includes comedy and some other unique talented artists. PageSpeed Insights HOME DOCS […]

Loftwah The Beatsmiff

Music produced by Loftwah The Beatsmiff

This is where you can find a playlist of all the songs (that I know of) that are available to stream online. Check them out and please share and comment if you like it.

WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress and WooCommerce Services Set up WordPress Set up a WordPress theme Set up WordPress plugins Basic WooCommerce configuration Add up to 10 products and a guide on how to manage the store Design customization (add a slider, extra section or customize the content of header and footer) Set up […]

Ayok x Beatsmiff - Let's Go

Ayok & Loftwah The Beatsmiff – Let’s Go

Let’s Go is the first song of what is hopefully many where I am producing tracks for rappers I want to work with. These rappers are either Hip Hop legends, my friends or people I’ve met throughout my musical journey that I’ve had the chance to collaborate with. Check it […]