Ayok & Loftwah The Beatsmiff – Let’s Go

Let’s Go is the first song of what is hopefully many where I am producing tracks for rappers I want to work with. These rappers are either Hip Hop legends, my friends or people I’ve met throughout my musical journey that I’ve had the chance to collaborate with.

Ayok x Beatsmiff – Let’s Go album cover

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I’m a Hip Hop producer based out of Rockingham, Western Australia and I started making beats back in 2005 and I somehow ended up meeting some other people interested in making Hip Hop music while I was a member of the Australian Navy.

I met them because a close friend of mine that tragically passed away went absolutely above and beyond to get my music to them to be heard. He managed to get them a copy of my beats cd only for them to leave it in a taxi after one of their friends had a bit of a domestic. They even went as far as saying “who cares, it’s not like he’s going to be the next Scott Storch”, little did they know he is the producer I mostly looked up to since I was little. Weeks passed and we found out the cd was lost and my friend, determined as ever, got them another copy of the cd and from there it was history (at least for me, it was all still like brand new magic, now it is just magic).

In my days as a beat maker/producer or whatever you want to call it, I have had the privilege of producing multiple albums, almost all of which I think are great but were, as lots of others know the feeling were not heard.

I took it upon myself to fill some skill gaps because we wouldn’t be able to get to as high a level of quality that we did without doing the work ourselves. None of us were made of money so the more we could do in house, the better off we were. I taught myself to do the online stuff, the website stuff, the ecommerce stuff, the social media stuff, the graphics stuff, the video stuff, etc etc you get the picture… Until everything was covered end to end at a high quality level in house. I’m actually hoping to be able to assist in one of Spotify’s Open Source Software projects called Backstage.

Back to the topic… Around a year ago I was given the opportunity to collaborate with a United States Hip Hop collective called Grind Mode Cypher. This was a HUGE deal for me because I had been a fan of their content for so long and it was awesome to work with those artists, because my music really sounded like how I imagined it would when I was making very terrible beats back in 2005.

Ayok is a rapper from Grind Mode Cypher that I truly believe deserves to be heard. He is an extremely talented MC and has a true love for Hip Hop and his friends that he does music with. He absolutely tears my beat apart in Let’s Go and I would really love it to reach listeners that really appreciate the ability to rap at high speeds like he does.

I am really happy with how this track turned out. It is a huge achievement for me and something I’ve always wanted to do. The opportunities I’ve had in music recently have been unbelievable (collaboration with an artist that has like millions of listeners, thanks to a really good friend of mine, check out his music too, his name is OptiMystic).

I know this is probably not how a pitch should go, but I guess the point I want to get across is that I love making music and I hope that I can share what I make with as many others as I can. I’m always going to keep doing this, even if it is to only one listener (me) and I have to pay for it out of my own pocket (like I already haven’t put more money than I’d ever admit to in).

I’ve always thought it is awesome that I get to do Hip Hop like this. I am the pale nerdy quiet kid from Australia and genuine Hip Hop heads appreciate the music I’ve made in a spare bedroom with a computer and a midi keyboard.


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