Cutting losses with Siteground

I bought 3 years of service from Siteground when they had a pretty good deal and shifted some of my services over. Generally it has been a really good run but unfortunately performance has dipped to the point that I’m going to have to cut my losses and move my sites from there. I’m continually having obscure issues that I can’t entirely blame on Siteground because I can’t prove it but I don’t have the issues when I stand it up anywhere else. I use Printful for the products in my Shop and when I’m running on Siteground I find it fails more than half the time, which is unusable. I am glad I used the infrastructure rather than abandoning it because it forced me to leverage PHP and come up with some creative ways to get things going well. I also learned a tonne about WordPress because of the way they run things (they’re really good at WordPress).

I’ll still use the service, but unless things change it won’t be for anything important.

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