My first Twitch music production stream

Live Streaming and Podcasts seem to be the most popular format for content today so I have been testing out platforms that I can use to stream music production, social media marketing, coding and tech stuff online. I have so far tried out Facebook Watch and Twitch. Twitch was a much better experience from a streaming perspective but Facebook Watch was much more successful because of the following I have gathered on my Facebook page for Loftwah The Beatsmiff. Having the reach that I do on Facebook allowed me to attract attention of thousands of viewers, where as on Twitch I was only able to get one viewer, which was a friend of mine who popped in to say hello.

I’d like to try out Microsoft’s platform and YouTube before really deciding where I primarily stream from but I think Twitch is the most mature and has the best chance of overall success. is where you can find my Twitch Channel.

I have also started a Reddit community for Loftwah The Beatsmiff because I’ve used Reddit for ages and figured I may as well have a presence there. is the link for that one so please follow along.

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