Sia: Simple Decentralized Storage for $2/1TB

Sia is a Decentralized storage for the post-cloud world.

While I’ve been off work, I’ve spent a lot of time studying and playing with software that has been on my radar, but I never had time to play with. I invested in a bunch of Siacoin (SC) in 2017 when cryptocurrency was all the rage and did quite well.

Sia was one of the projects that stood out to me more than others. I was excited technologically wise about NEO, DBC, NANO, POET and SC than any of the others (believe it or not I never cared money, besides when not having enough to get by).

I recently bought some SC to experiment with some of their recent developments, mostly Skynet. It has the potential to be an incredibly cheaper option than the current competition. Also, it has the advantage of being truly decentralized, and if you’re a part of the group that doesn’t like the big companies controlling your data you won’t have to worry as much about spying or backdoors. I’m mostly neutral on the whole topic, and my theory is that if someone is skilled enough to work at Google is in charge of my data, then it is in better hands than it is with me.

If you have recently found yourself with a bit more time on your hands like a lot of us, do yourself a favour and check out Sia, Siacoin, Skynet and the ecosystem that surrounds it. I’m still in the reading phase of all of this, so I’m far from an expert, but even if the project turns out to be unsuitable, I always pick up tonnes of useful skills on the way (Linux, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes etc.).

Do you think decentralized storage could give the usual suspects a run for the money? It will be interesting to see the discussion below.


Sia Resources

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Discord group invitation generator
Discord group
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NebulousLabs · GitLab
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Bug Report Template
Feature Request Template
Programming Task Template
Test NDF Template
Minor Merge Request Template
Guide to Contributing to Sia
All Documentation
History of Sia
Organizing your Sia-UI wallets and seeds securely – Michal Šefl – Medium
peterjanbrone/skynet-playlist: Build your video playlist and share it
MSevey/skysync: a fork of siasync that is updated to work with skynet
The official Sia Docker image : siacoin

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