WordPress and WooCommerce

WordPress and WooCommerce

Photo by Luca Bravo taken from Unsplash


  • Set up WordPress
  • Set up a WordPress theme
  • Set up WordPress plugins
  • Basic WooCommerce configuration
  • Add up to 10 products and a guide on how to manage the store
  • Design customization (add a slider, extra section or customize the content of header and footer)
  • Set up Payment Gateway
  • Content upload
  • Set up pages
  • Hosting and basic maintenance, this includes updates for all plugins and themes (you must provide licensing for any plugins you provide that are not a part of my build)
  • Facebook Pixel integration
  • Google Ads integration
  • Contact me for customization
  • Contact me for custom themes
  • Contact me for custom plugins
  • Contact me for custom integrations
  • Contact me for website maintenance
  • Contact me for consulting on architecture, design, integration, testing, DevOps integration, CDN, or any PHP or WordPress problems you might be experiencing)
  • Domain name registration and configuration (you must cover the cost of domain registration if it is already owned and you want to purchase it)

I can do more!

I am much more than just a WordPress developer. I can provide consulting, services or solutions for almost anything relating to audio, design, video, social media, programming and web. Please check out my portfolio for examples of work and customer reviews.

  • My scores on Google Page Speed Insights are much higher than average at a fraction of the cost of anywhere else
  • My software is all fully licensed, updated and maintained, you can be assured that your website will be as secure as it can be and that I keep up to date with best practices
  • I work with WordPress, PHP, Linux, Windows, Cloud Service Providers (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure etc) and DevOps tooling almost daily and dedicated to keeping my skills up to date
  • I take ownership of projects and have a systematic approach, you will be asked almost everything that you could need to provide, I know what works and I know what you should be doing and you can be confident that I will handle it end to end.

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